What’s that gradeaux on your chairs?

30 Mar 2016, Posted by Karey Clements in News
I recently ate lunch at a small neighborhood restaurant.   The food was good enough, the service was good and it was nice to try somewhere new. I’m not sure I will go back.  The wooden chairs looked about 20 years old.  They were a light colored wood and you could tell when they mopped the floors, there was dirty residue left at the bottom of the chairs, leaving a line about 2″ up of stained dirty looking chair legs. My dining experience was a bit overshadowed by my feeling that if this is what the chairs are like, what must the kitchen be like?  What attention to food safety is there in the BOH? A restaurant working with an interior designer would pay more attention to details such as furnishings, but I’m guessing if they had used the services of a restaurant supplier they also would have been directed to take more care in their furnishings.  Your vendors should take an interest in your success. My message to all restaurant operators, but especially NEW Restaurant Owners…There are so many decisions to make BOH and FOH….rely on your vendors to help you make them. Some chair manufacturers even have QUICK SHIP programs.